Modern languages

Learning modern languages is challenging and exciting. We aim to inspire in our students a love of language learning and an interest in and appreciation of other cultures whilst developing their confidence and ability to communicate. 

Languages are learnt in an environment where the students feel safe and happy to use their language creatively and with increasing independence.

Year 7

All students study either French or Spanish in Year 7. Students quickly learn to introduce themselves and their family, talk about likes and dislikes and explain their opinions. 

Cultural elements are introduced through topics relating to Geography, Art and a film study. Students are introduced to online resources such as Vocab Express, Quizlet and Duolingo to support their language learning.

Year 8

Students continue with their main language from Year 7. They continue to learn how to talk about themselves, their use of new technologies, hobbies and the world around them. A region of Spain or France is also studied to allow students to deepen their cultural understanding of the country. 

Year 9

This year sees the beginning of the GCSE course. Students study topics from the previous two years in more depth and develop their knowledge and understanding of how languages work, focusing particularly on the use of tenses. They learn more about the culture and are encouraged to develop their confidence in speaking and writing spontaneously.

Year 10

Students continue to develop the complexity of their language and use authentic materials from the news, the internet and magazines. They are encouraged to use their language creatively as they continually practise for their final exams. 

Year 11

This is a busy year as students deepen their understanding of the language and ensure that they are prepared for the listening, reading, speaking and writing exams. 

Extracurricular Opportunities

The Languages Department offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities to students at Newton Abbot College. In College, we run popular French and Spanish film clubs, where students can practise their listening skills in a relaxed environment and last year introduced a ‘Culture Club’ in which students learnt more about the culture of the languages that they are studying.

At GCSE level, students have the opportunity to practise their skills ‘for real’ when they are offered the chance to take part in the trips to Spain and France offered by the department. These are full-immersion trips with the staff at the centres speaking to the students exclusively in Spanish and French for the whole week!

Where Can I Find out More?

Point of contact:

Hannah Brown

Team Leader of Modern Languages & Raising Achievement Leader - Disadvantaged Students

Contact Hannah Brown who looks after this Modern languages course on:

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