Music 1

Music is invigorating, exciting and challenging. Our aim is to foster a love of music and raise each student’s potential to make music independently and with others. Playing music can help improve a student’s learning, academic ability and increase their attainment in other subjects.

Year 7

Students are offered a rich programme of instrumental activities that challenge and develop an understanding of small and large scale music-making. Students will investigate a wide range of music from rock and pop music to music from around the world.

Year 8

Music lessons are highly practical and through a series of active modules, students experience a wide variety of musical styles and genres: blues music, music from the movies, music from around the world, pop and rock, and song writing.

Year 9

A comprehensive programme of study provides students with challenging solo and small ensemble activities. During Year 9, students will engage in rehearsal in order to prepare for their first live gig. They will also work through a series of compositions tasks as well as develop their solo performance skills.

Year 10

Students will focus on the first of two GCSE compositions; they will also learn some theory for their exam as well as develop their solo and ensemble skills.

Year 11

Students will complete their second composition as well as sit their performance exams. Students will also be learn about their study pieces in substantial depth in order for them to be prepared for their exam.

Where Can I Find out More?

Point of contact:

Rob Wilkinson

Team Leader of Music and Performing Arts

Contact Rob Wilkinson who looks after this Music 1 course on:

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