Travel and tourism

The aim of the Travel and Tourism course is to provide students with an understanding of the principles of the travel and tourism industry and allow them to explore the various avenues of work within this industry. Students will also gain transferable skills that can be applied to the workplace or further study. 

What Will I Do?

The course is available for Years 9-11 and is all internally assessed and externally moderated. There are no exams for this subject. 

During the three year course, four units will be covered.

Customer Service

Topics covered: 

  • The importance of meeting customer needs in the travel and tourism industry;
  • Customer needs and how they are met in different types of facilities and services;
  • Providing customer service in travel and tourism situations;
  • Providing customer service when dealing with challenging travel and tourism situations.

The UK Travel and Tourism Industry

Topics covered: 

  • The structure of the UK travel and tourism industry;
  • The different types of organisations; 
  • The private, public and voluntary organisations in the travel and tourism industry;
  • Factors in the development of the UK travel and tourism industry; 
  • Job opportunities in the UK travel and tourism industry and their requirements.


Topics covered: 

  • Understand travel and tourism destinations in the UK and worldwide; 
  • The location of the world’s main geographical features; 
  • Popular overseas destinations for UK tourists; 
  • Understand what attracts tourists to destinations.

Tourism in a popular UK Region

Topics Covered:

  • Popular UK regions and its tourism facilities (we will be focusing on Devon); 
  • Features of the region that are relevant to tourism;  
  • Using statistical data to assess trends in the region; 
  • Be able to produce an itinerary for a short stay visit to Devon.
Travel Tourism