Year 8 options

Newton Abbot College offers a wide and comprehensive range of subject options for GCSE studies, from the more ‘traditional’ subjects, such as humanities and languages, to creative opportunities, such as performing arts and music, and vocational courses, such as travel and tourism. Options are structured in such a way that students can tailor their subjects to create an individual learning portfolio that is specifically suited to their preferences, passions and future career interests.

Why does Newton Abbot College Choose Options in Year 8?

Unlike most other schools and Colleges, Newton Abbot College runs a three-year GCSE programme, rather than the more traditional two-year course. As a result, students make their option choices in Year 8 rather than Year 9.

Two year GCSE courses can be completely assessment driven, with high work yield demands and pressure over a relatively small space of time. Newton Abbot College starts GCSE courses a year earlier to ensure that learning can be more creative, with activities-based learning that encourages higher engagement with subject matter and brings individual subjects to life in a way that cannot be achieved over a shorter time period. Enriching the subject material, increased enjoyment of the curriculum and a longer engagement with chosen subjects has a marked increase in students’ attainment and achievement reflected in their GCSE results. In short, longer, less pressured, more engaging studies leads to a less stressful environment and better results.

How do the Options Blocks Work?

How do the Options Blocks Work?

Students at Newton Abbot College will study a core curriculum, comprising the following subjects:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education (not examined)

 Students are then required to choose either combined or separate sciences and one language or humanity subject.

Additionally, students will select three further subjects (or two if they have opted for separate sciences) that include both academic and vocational options.

The Year 8 Options Booklet provide further details regarding options and processes and students and their parents are invited to an options evening to discuss choices and answer any questions that may arise.

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