Uniform Requirements

Boys & Girls

Compulsory items:

Available from specified suppliers:

  • Black College Blazer with Newton Abbot College Logo *
  • College Tie *
  • Plain black full length tailored traditional school trousers (not clinging nor made from stretch fabric).
  • Plain white shirt with collar.
  • Black / lime polo shirt with Newton Abbot College Logo for P.E. *
  • Black & lime reversible rugby shirt for football and hockey.*

Items marked with an* are only available on line from our uniform provider Price & Buckland *



 Other compulsory items:

  • Plain black school shoes only. Boots (flat soled) are acceptable only if they are plain black and are worn inside trousers.
  • Plain black, grey or white socks.
  • Large bag suitable for carrying all equipment and books.
  • Gum shield (Hockey & Rugby)
  • Black shorts (short styles)
  • Black football socks
  • White trainers and white socks for P.E.
  • Boots for football / hockey without nylon studs. (Please check timetable at start of year before purchasing as the first lesson may not be until the Spring term)
  • Shin pads for hockey / football.
  • Towel and swimming costume.
  • Swimming goggles.

Optional item:

  • Black College v-neck jumper with Newton Abbot College Logo. Must be worn with a college blazer, not on its own.

Girls only

Girls may wear a black regulation skirt.

Skirt Regulations

To comply with the uniform regulations girls may wear the plain black ‘A’ line or straight skirt available online from Price & Buckland or one that meets the following requirements:


  • Plain black with no pattern or additional colours visible on the skirt.


  • ‘A’ line or straight styles, in one continuous material. Ra-Ra skirts or skirts made from stretch jersey knit fabric, for example, are unacceptable.


  • Modest, sensible length appropriate for college.

Finish detail

  • Skirts may have pleats but not all the way around.
  • No additional detailing on the skirt such as zips on pockets, patches etc.
  • If belts are worn they should be narrow and plain black with a normal buckle. Logos on belts and buckles are unacceptable.


  • The skirt should be worn with plain white, black or grey socks. Alternatively plain black tights may be worn.


How and where to purchase

The compulsory uniform items with the College logo are available to purchase online with delivery direct to your home:

  1. Go to Price & Buckland‘s website
  2. Select Newton Abbot College from the list.
  3. Choose the official uniform items you need and add them to your basket. You can also purchase trousers, skirts and shirts that comply with our uniform policy.
  4. Make your payment with any major debit or credit card utilising their secure server.
  5. Your purchases will be delivered within 20 working days.

The compulsory uniform items of blazer, tie, P.E. polo shirt, rugby shirt and optional v-neck jumper are only available online from our uniform supplier Price & Buckland. Uniform is not available to purchase direct from the College.

Support will be available in the College for anyone needing assistance with accessing this service. Please ring reception (01626 367335) during term time to arrange an appointment.

  • Please place online orders before the 1st August to ensure delivery in time for the start of the Autumn term.
  • Please ensure all items are named.
  • If you are in any doubt about the suitability of a particular style to be worn as uniform please check with the college before purchasing.

Uniform Rules and Expectations

College uniform is important as it reflects both pride in the College and students’ attitude towards their learning. Students must maintain a high standard of personal appearance at all times.

Any student arriving in College out of uniform or in incomplete uniform will have their parents contacted and will be sent home to change. No student will attend lessons unless in full College uniform.

Students must comply with the following:

  • Blazers must be worn
    • – in all lessons;
    • – in College buildings;
    • – on College premises;
    • – on the way to and from College;
  • except when students have been given permission otherwise:
    • – outdoors at break or lunchtimes
    • – by teachers in lessons
  • A dark overcoat may be worn over the blazer if necessary in bad weather. No other tops are permitted except for the College sweater.
  • No overcoats are to be worn inside College buildings.
  • Acceptable footwear is “plain black school shoes” only. Boots (flat soled) are acceptable only if they are plain black and are worn inside trousers. Trainers, sandals, flip-flops or high heeled shoes will not be accepted.
  • Students must wear their College ties correctly: the point of the tie must touch the waistband of the trousers or skirt, and the knot must cover the fastened top button of the shirt or blouse.
  • Shirts must be worn fully tucked in.
  • Students are not permitted to wear hats or scarves indoors.
  • Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in College. The only exception is a single pair of small, discreet earrings/studs and a watch.
  • No facial piercings (including tongue piercings) are acceptable.
  • Any make up should be discreet. Coloured nail polish is not permitted.
  • Students should wear their hair in a manner suitable for College
    • – “tram lines” of any kind are not permitted;
    • – cuts shorter than a grade 3 are not permitted;
    • – colours other than natural hair colours are not permitted;
    • – extreme hairstyles (e.g. Mohican cuts) are not permitted.
  • Parents who are unsure whether a hairstyle is acceptable should contact the Student support Team for clarification.
  •  All students must carry a large College bag/rucksack which is capable of holding A4 folders and textbooks.

Thank you for your full support regarding these expectations.  Any questions should be directed to the Student Support Team, who are always happy to advise you.

Second Hand Uniform

Updated 3rd September 2013





Number in stock

8 Girls blazer, good condition £10 1
10 Girls blazer, good condition £10 4
12 Girls blazer, good condition £10 1
34” Boys blazer. Good condition, but button missing £9 1
38” Boys blazer, good condition £10 2
38” Boys blazer. Good condition, but button missing £9 1

We do have a range of boy’s blazers ranging from chest size 32”-38”. The linings need some attention along the seams. An agreement can be made over the price.





Number in stock

32” Good condition. £6 8
34” Good condition. £6 4
36” Good condition. £6 3
36” Jumper slightly faded through wear. £4 1
38″ Jumper slightly faded through wear. £4 1





Number in stock

Good condition. £3 11

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